Sunday, December 16, 2012

Finding your Writers Voice

Well, hello again everybody! I'm going to try and be a good little blogger and post frequently (Like at least once a week) and share my opinions and writing with you!

But here's what today's topic is all about- Finding your Writers Voice.

Your writers voice is that pull you feel when writing novels and stories. It tells you who the characters should be, and tells you what your protagonist(s) and antagonist(s). It also helps you decide whether to use first person, second person or third person! It helps with the style you write in, fast-paced and straight to the point, about a walking-pace and catching some description, or slow-paced and getting all the description absorbed into your novel.

I believe that I have found my writers voice, which is probably a walking-pace one, as I'm not speeding ahead to the next scene, but then I'm not slowly going and putting every little thing into my novel. I put in a short description of the surroundings, but then it's straight back to what the characters are doing. I've also noticed as I look back on my work, that I've never written a first-person novel. But that's okay, because it isn't what my writers voice is telling me to do.

Finding your writers voice is not at all easy! You have to experiment. Try a young-adult book, then maybe an adult book, then maybe a first-starters chapter book until you've found what you're best at! Then, you try all the styles and genres you can think of! At the end, your writers voice should of ignited, giving you an advantage over all the other writers that haven't found their writers voice.

Your writers voice is what makes you a writer! It is vital in becoming a novelist!

But yeah, I hope this article sums up why it's important to find your writers voice as soon as you can if you want to be a novelist!

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