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Well, I figured I'd make a reference so I can see the novels/stories I've written that are worth mentioning! I will post their title and a summary.

Completely Finished

An Orang-utan's Story
By Serena Jannice

Somewhere deep in the heart of Borneo, there is an orang-utan rehabilition and reserve. In there is a very old, and now tame, orang-utan called Naru, and next to his cage is another orang-utan that's young and a bit wild called Kuasi. He asks Naru a question, which brings Naru to tell him a story of his life, about humans destroying the rainforests, and some surprises that Kuasi could never dream of happening.

Editing Process

None at the current moment

Currently Writing

Kingdoms of Julope, The Dark Alliance, Book 1: The Amulet
By Serena Jannice

The seven kingdoms of Julope have lived peacefully for many years, no, centuries. But now a very dark force has entered their world, and everything is now chaos. They are called The Dark Alliance, and are made up of extremely vicious dragons with huge ambitions.

Caught in the middle of a seemingly never-ending battle is the princess of Morpheia, Azura. She will suffer heart-break, betrayal and the most important decisions a young dragon should not have to make.

But this time, The Dark Alliance are out to get the magical Amulets of the king and queen of Morpheia, but only time will tell if they succeed or not.

Stopped for the current Moment (May pick up later)

Secrets of the Moon Trilogy
By Serena Jannice

Something has happened to the moon! Slowly, and getting quicker, it is diminishing, and this isn't just the phases of the moon, it's the moon rotting away! The pack called Rapid River has two sister wolves, Shauna and Jaila. Shauna is a black wolf with a white half moon on her chest, Jaila a white wolf with a black moon on her chest.

The wolf spirits of the sky had had a prophecy given to them when these two were born. 'As the moon rots away, the two she-wolves that are born today, must find the three objects to save the moon. Or it will be gone forever, and no wolf will ever howl again.'

Their spirit-guardian, Bveno, will guide them on a quest to get these three objects in time, if not, wolves will never howl at the moon again, and the nights will be cold and dark forever.

**Authors note- This is a basic sum up of what this trilogy will be about. The books in it will be called- 'Tooth of a Mountain Lion', 'Yew Leaves' and 'Berry of Hope'. I really hope this trilogy will get me writing it again! **

By Serena Jannice

It is many years into the future, and three baby girls are born, with a very important destiny! Their names are Karina, Serena and Marina, and they all have a mark on their back in the shape of a sea-ceature, their guardian.

**Authors Note- I really have no idea where to go from here with this story, so I'm busy thinking of a plot ;) When I finally think of one, I'll be sure to post it!**

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