Friday, January 25, 2013

A Fourth Perspective?

Sorry for being a bad little blogger, and not posting for awhile, but here's our next post- A Fourth Perspective?

So, quite recently, I have been reading a few writing tip books, and some of them say there are four perspectives-

"The first-person point of view can be an exciting way of telling a story. When you say 'I did this' or "I saw that," it's much easier to persuade the reader that everything you say is true. But it is no longer possible to know what the other characters are thinking, except when they are talking." - Quote from Write Your Own Fantasy Story

"The second person point of view is by far the most difficult point of view to write. As when you may say 'Susan jumped up and down in a circle before running over to her mother' you would say 'You jumped up and down in a circle before running over to your mother'. It does help to make your reader feel involved, but can get very confusing at times and only very experienced writers should attempt this in my opinion." - Quote by Serena Jannice/Me

"The third person point of view is another way to tell the story is from your hero's point of view. This is usually written in the past tense. You can write it from the viewpoints of different characters, too. Many stories are told from two viewpoints, set down in alternating chapters, and this can add suspense, especially if one character's viewpoint breaks off at a critical moment or cliff-hanger." -Quote from Write Your Own Fantasy Story

"Most fantasy stories and fairy tales are written using the omniscient- or all-seeing- view. This means you can tell readers how the hero feels when he is locked up in the dungeon, what his jailer thinks as he snaps the chains shut, and describe the blast of dragon's breath is burning down the East Tower, which neither jailer or hero can see, but you, the author, can." -Quote from Write Your Own Fantasy Story

So, what do you think of a fourth Point of View? Feel free to post your opinions here :D


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  2. Interesting article. I like to write (and enjoy reading) in 3rd and 4th person. 1st person point of view was always strange for me to read but I just recently wrote a 1st person diary from book. Anyway, I never even though about 2nd ppov.